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We are a not-for-profit organziation with one ultimate purpose: BRINGING PEOPLE TOGETHER! There is a reason for that; immigrants will always find their culture and their own people to thrive in their new country.

We are all immigrants. We all leave home and family to find our place in this beautiful country of Canada. And as a foreigner to Canada, we always look for a safe haven and people to belong to. For whatever we missed back home, DURHAM FILfest will fill that void by celebrating our annual festival every 2nd Saturday of September, right here, in Durham Region. Our outdoor festival showcases our Filipino culture, foods, dances and an array of talents! Something to quench our homesickness by celebrating with us. It's like being home with the family. We also meet new friends and share to our Canadian friends and community the beauty of our heritage.

We also help promote local businesses and support each other. Not only that, DURHAM FILfest is also engaging and collaborating with other organizations, government agencies and individuals to meaningful activities and advocacy. We take part on social issue discussions to better our community. We also support our aspiring young local artists who needs a playground to shine. Our events is a vessel to bring these admirable talents to reach their dreams.

For details, please email us at: or visit this website every now and then for many updates and future endeavors.

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