Making Durham Filfest Relevant

Our goal is to simply help preserve our cultural heritage as Filipinos. From this vision comes a profound meaning of who we are before we embrace Canada as our next home...forever.

Those born here from Filipino parents or even with mixed parents, still needs to learn their roots and having an outdoor festival with all the basics of a culture we seemed to have left behind, we continue our forefather's legacy of being brown and of being unique and of being a member of a diverse community.

Durham Filipino Fest engages the community through an outdoor festival, at the same time, bringing people together. All in all, from all these activities, we can deploy and initiate some supports and initiatives to other meaningful projects. Especially at this time of the pandemic, our little undertakings can truly mean a lot. While we lean on offering festivities during summer months once a year, we also ensure that we speak up for what we believe is best for our diverse community at large.

These past months we participated on virtual townhall meetings that discusses the issues of the pandemic and so we were able to share our thoughts and opinions to our political leaders who are making decicions in our government. Lately, we donated  to the local food bank. It may not be much but it sure can help some people.

Community Engagements-

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