We Asked For Selfie With Our Flag And They Came


Durham Filfest take baby steps in accomplishing our initiatives in our community in Durham Region. June as we know, is a celebratory month for our heritage widely celebrated across Canada. It isn't just about Filipino Heritage, June is also our Philippine Independence Day celebration every 12th.

It is however incredible that despite the 'stay at home' restrictions, Filipino-Canadians became creative through social media in continuing each invidual advocacy and initiatives. Over here in Durham Region, a laid back community east of Toronto, our organization manages to initiate to raise our Philippine flag at the Region of Durham Headquarters. That initiative started as early as January 2021. Our request was approved plus one more added, a Proclamation the Hon. Joh Henry, Chair and CEO of the Regional Municipality of Durham and its Council for June as Filipino Heirtage Month 2021.

It was hoisted on June 1-7, 2021 for 7 days. I requested a small gathering but I was declined for obvious reason. Nevertheless, in order to document this accomplishment for 2021, I called for a group selfie for a $100 prize. There were 26, at least that came for some photos with the flag, coming at various times. There could have been more but I dropped the shout out in case some will be penalized.

SELFIE WINNER! Jo Ambros Group

Those who came lives in Durham and are proud of raising their families here. The Beeksma family with their two young kids took a family photo as well. This is one way of re-introducing our Filipino heritage to these very young wonderful kids.


I would also commend Mrs. Rosemer Enverga for coming over to do a quick selfie with us, including the Carmelite Sisters. My other friends came the next day proudly sharing their selfies. In attendance as well is the 2019 Mrs. PIDC Filipino Heritage Ambassador, Amethyst Heart Salas. She accentuated our quickie selfies.


The winner for the group selfie is Jo Ambros from Whitby. Congratulations!

Our flag is now returned and although its should be a full month celebration for June Filipino Heritage Month, we've done our part and we are moving on supporting other organization's endeavors.

Durham Filfest would like to thank everyone who made an effort to celebrate here in Durham Region.

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