About Durham Filipino Fest

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Durham is our home East of Toronto. It normally is a quiet place with lots of farming communities and landscape. Ideally, a rural area conducive to raising a family. It has changed over the years when significant numbers of Filipinos and other races came and settled down in different cities and municipalities across Durham Region. 

There wasn't much going on in terms of community events except the long running Oshawa Fiesta Week comprising with all cultural organizations including Durham's oldest Filipino organization who were instrumental in shaping the Filipino community in Durham.

However, as the Filipino community in Durham Region swells in significant numbers, a new organization emerged to help define the cultural presence of Filipino-Canadians in this region.

Many Filipino families now need more options to engage and so Durham Filipino Fest was created to bring our community forward with new mindset and goals to build a stronger community within Durham Region. 

Durham Filipino Fest is a registered Not-for-profit organization in the province of Ontario. It's primary mission is to bring people together by creating meaningful community events, initiatives that supports our community and those of others. It helps preserved our cultural heritage and educate our Canadian community the beauty of being a Filipino. It also help our youth travel back to their roots and embrace their forgotten culture.

Durham Filipino Fest is also a platform for gifted local talents by providing them the avenue and the platform to showcase their talents and help them reach their dreams by promoting them.

Durham Filipino Fest will also collaborate with leaders and people in government to be able to help the community. 

This website will feature our activities, stories, events and community initiatives and a lot more...


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