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Founding Leader of Durham Filipino Fest

  • Founder, Live-In Caregiver Society of Alberta (1998)

  • Diploma Certificate, Security Professional

  • Former Loss Prevention Officer

  • Organized Simbang Gabi at St. Therese Parish in Courtice (2014)

  • Graduate, Paralegal

  • Recipient of Beautiful Filipino Award (IPEN)

  • Recipient of Award of Distinction (Filipino-Canadian Community House)

  • Outstanding Boholana of USA & Canada (Bohol USA-Canada Association)

  • Recipient, Most Outstanding Filipinos in Canada, USA and the Philippines (Bb Pilipinas of the World)

  • Quincentennial Award/Durham Filipino Fest (Consul Gen. Orontes V Castro)


  1. 2013 Bohol Earthquake (October 2013)- Organized ground Volunteers to deliver basic supplies of foods and water to victims of earthquake few days after disaster happened. Funds were solicited from friends and  personal  funds by  using money for printing her magazine publication. The reason the publication is halted. Also donated 20,000 pesos and boxes of used clothes to a church in Danao, Bohol which was heavily damaged by the earthquake. The donation was received by the parish priest (with receipt .)

  2. Organized a donation drive for victims of typhoon Haiyan (Nov. 2013 after Bohol earthquake) and donated clothes and money to the Relief Efforts in OLA in Toronto.

  3. Donated money for the completion of a covered court at a school in her hometown. Proceed from a  concert produced  with a young local artist (2017)

  4. Hosted the travelling  "Singing Priests" from the Archdiocese of Cebu City helping them raised funds for their project in the Philippines

  5. Hosted the "Singing Priests " from the Archdiocese of Mindanao helping them raised fund for their project to build a building to house retiring priests.

  6. Hosted the "Singing Priests" from the province of Leyte to help their project in rebuilding their church damaged by typhoon Haiyan

  7. Hosted the "Singing Priests" from the Archdiocese of Tagbilaran to help their projects to continue with their efforts to rebuild years after a 7.2 magnitude earthquake in 2013.

  8. Successfully assisted a community member obtained her landed status in Canada after it was rejected by Canada Immigration and  Citizenship.

  9. Assisted a family who were primary victims of a massive fraud by providing them shelter and support throughout the court ordeal. Accused was convicted in court and currently serving her sentence.

  10. Led Durham Filipino Fest in celebrating a mass for Philippine Quincentennial Celebration at St. Therese Parish, Courtice.

  11. Led Durham Filipino Fest to host the Philippine Consular Mission in Durham Region benefitting community members along with other officers, friends and community leaders

  12.  Led Durham Filipino Fest in organizing a relief effort to the victims of typhoon Odette that devastated the province of Bohol and neighbouring areas in December 2021.

Li Eron believes in accountability of purpose and intent on a project that is supported by members of the community. It  isn't bragging. It is about transparency, documentations that proved a successful endeavor involving others. It is a concerted effort  therefore it supercede the mentality of humbleness. Because each contributor is a part of that project .


Documentary photos will be uploaded soon...

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