About DURHAM FILfest

Bringing people together!

DURHAM FILfest was founded on one advocacy: TO BRING PEOPLE TOGETHER! It is a tagline we want to live for. It has something to with Filipinos who left home for a greener pasture and thrive in all parts of the world. In doing so, while trying to fit in their community, they will always find their own people and affiliate themselves to build a new family.

DURHAM FILfest is an outdoor festival and should be one of those vehicles that our own folks can find and join to fill the void of lsoing their identity and culture when they migrated to this country. And while providing fun and cultural entertainments, DURHAM FILfest also provides support to our community through our projects and initiatives. 

We started in 2019 and held our first outdoor festival in 2nd Saturday of September 2019 and every year thereafter. The success of our launching was phenominal being Durham Region Filipino population is a lot smaller than Toronto. But many people, vendors, local artists, community members came to celebrate our Filipino culture, foods and floods of gifted and talented artists.

Year 2020 was a challenge for our organization. What was supposed to be our 2nd festival was pre-empted by the onset of the pandemic. The demise of outdoor events was unfortunate. However, DURHAM FILfest was able to create an event online. The virtual event was a huge success! It can be viewed at our YT Channel. More images at our various undertakings are also found on this website.

Thank you for your visit.


(Given by the Philippine Consulate of Toronto)