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About Durham Filfest

Durham Filipino Fest was founded and created to celebrate the Filipino culture and heritage in Durham Region. It is registered as a not-for-profit organization in the province of Ontario. 

Li ERON led a group of dedicated working women to form this non-profit organization in Durham Region. This non-profit organization is mandated to create a strong community by showcasing our rich Filipino culture of dances and authentic Filipino foods and to help support Entrepreneurial spirits. It will also create projects to help youth in our community. Durham Filipino Fest also advocates for serious social issues affecting our community within Durham Region and beyond.

Festivals are platforms for gifted and dedicated artists and Durham Filipino Fest has given our homegrown talents an avenue to hone their skills and promote their brands during this one-day festival held in the city of Oshawa annually since 2019.

What has Durham Filfest done so far?
  • Durham Filipino Fest successfully launched its first outdoor festival on September 14, 2019 attended by local Dignitaries in Durham Region, such as; Durham Regional Chair, Hon. John Henry, the mayor of Oshawa, Hon. Dan Carter (with his Deputy mayor) who was officially designated to raise the Philippine Flag at Memorial Park in Oshawa. Hon. MPP Lorne Coe (Whitby), MP Colin Carrie (Oshawa), MPP Lindsey Park (Durham) Representative, Local city Councilors, community leaders and other members of our community were present to witness the Philippine flag-raising ceremony for the first time at Memorial Park in the city of Oshawa.

  • Durham Filfest provided emotional and moral support to primary victims of a large scale scam in Durham Region in 2019. The Accused was charged and convicted of fraud and currently serving her sentence in prison.

  • Durham Filfest provided emotional and moral support to a woman with no immediate families in Canada whose husband died and who suffered bullying from her step-children.

  • Durham Filipino Fest held a Valentine Dinner Gala 2020 just before the pandemic aimed at supporting a Senior's Program for Durham residents. Such project is currently put on hold due to the pandemic.

  • Pandemic Round Table- Durham Filipino Fest engaged with the office of Ontario Finance Minister, MPP Rod Phillips with MPP Lindsey Park on pandemic issues and suggestions to help the government  to better their responses for the communities in Durham Region and across Ontario. It was a meaningful discussion with various members of the community in Durham Region and from Barrie, Ontario.

  • Virtual Event-Durham Filipino Fest presented the second year annual Durham Filfest virtually on September 12, 2020 at MCBN TV with huge success reaching 8,000 people at the end of a 3-hour presentation. You can watch the virtual event here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QX-LiomC68c&t=10543s

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